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Lexington, KY

WRFL, Lexington is the University of Kentucky's Student-Run Radio Station. WRFL is a Free Format Community station  that has someone Live 24/7/365 in our Campus studio playing music since 1988!

Today’s Schedule

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    Culture Shock 12:00:00
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    The Trestle 02:00:00
  • RedRadio 07:00:00
  • LIVE @ 9:00 AM
  • David Cubine David Cubine is a long-time Central Kentucky resident, UK grad, multi-media designer, and musician. A guest DJ spot on UK’s WUKY inspired Dave to apply for a weekly show on WRFL. “ I love to share or turn people on to music to they haven’t been exposed to, or play them songs they were unfamiliar with from artists they already listen to,” says Dave. “WRFL is the perfect place for those who love listening to a wide variety of genres and hearing those hidden musical gems.” "The radio is broken. It don't work anymore. We'll never get back to the Earth no more”—Frank Zappa
    LIVE @ 10:00 AM
  • The Humpday Bump! Bringin’ the funkiest tunes consistently since 2015, your host Zach Monk wants to funk up your entire afternoon every Wednesday with the hottest tunes (and requests) that the 859 and beyond can handle. Six years strong with the baddest station of all and the wheels ain’t fell off yet baby. Keepin’ the FUN in FUNK and meaning It.
    LIVE @ 12:00 PM
  • The Gay Show The current idea behind the show is to do a show centering around LGBTQ+ communities and culture. Specifically, I hope to talk about current research and academic trends, educational information (health, sexual, etc.), political commentary (e.g., how does the graduate student tax affect LGBTQ+ people broadly?), history/culture as well as possibly doing interviews with people in the Lexington community about intersections of sexual identity with other identities (e.g., what does it mean to be both LGBTQ+ and christian, or black, or a woman?). In addition to discussing these various topics each week I hope to play music produced by LGBTQ+ artists or those important to LGBTQ+ communities (e.g., Florist, Syd the Kid).
    LIVE @ 2:00 PM
  • Campus Voices Campus Voices is a talk show that reports on local issues and problems around the community.
    LIVE @ 4:00 PM
  • LIVE @ 6:00 PM
  • LIVE @ 8:00 PM
  • The Pacobilly Hour Beginning at 8am EST! Hosted By Ameripolitan Nominated DJ "Colonel Paco Chaos". A radio show that showcases the original Rock 'n' Roll sounds from the 1950's. Featuring classic acts like Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Collins Kids, Janis Martin, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, and their modern day contemporaries like Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys, Kim Lenz, Jittery Jack, Reverend Horton Heat, Deke Dickerson, and The Rhythm Shakers. Most of the contemporary acts are on independent labels and very rarely get any commercial showcasing, yet there is a massive worldwide, modern day Rockabilly scene. This show features many different styles that tend to get lumped into the "Rockabilly" genre, such as Hillbilly Boogie, Western Swing, Jump Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Doo Wop, 50's style Honky Tonk, and Rock 'n' Roll. If you are looking for Psychobilly, I usually don't play too much of that genre during the Pacobilly Hour, but will occasionally play that style during my first hour at 7am.
    LIVE @ 10:00 PM
  • Paco Chaos The non Rockabilly segment of Colonel Paco Chaos' show. This show features various styles of Rock 'n' Roll music, as well as other genres. You are going to hear a great deal of 70's punk, 80's New Wave, Post Punk, 60's Garage and Surf, 60's British Invasion, 70's Glitter Rock, Grunge, Ska, Reggae, Outlaw Country, and maybe the odd Prince song.... I like all sorts of stuff, and I'm going to try and wake you up on your Monday morning!
    LIVE @ 11:00 PM


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