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WRFI exists to inform and entertain and will always be community owned and operated, providing access to the airwaves and an opportunity to learn the craft of radio while serving the general well-being of its community. The station strives to cultivate and promote programs that share local and underrepresented perspectives in keeping with the following values: peace, justice, sustainability, freedom of expression, cultural diversity, integrity, joy.

Today’s Schedule

  • LIVE @ 12:06 PM
  • WRFI Community Radio News Description:Tompkins and Schuyler counties’ daily summary of local and regional news, particularly stories that are under-represented by commercial media. The broadcast also delivers local field reports, interviews, and public service announcements to our listeners.
    LIVE @ 6:00 PM
  • Attic Inhabitant w/ Ben It's an indie rock show, but not one that's real dedicated to the concept of 'rock', and gets kind of flexible about the 'indie'. A few of your old faves, some of the new stuff you've been meaning to check out, and some cross-pollination from other genres near and far.
    LIVE @ 7:00 PM
  • LIVE @ 8:00 PM
  • LIVE @ 9:00 PM


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