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A project of Arlington Independent Media, WERA's programming is produced by and for the community. WERA is an outlet for anyone interested in creating, producing, and delivering broadcast-quality content to the Arlington community and surrounding area. WERA-LP features local-centric programming brought to you by talented and dedicated volunteer producers working in a wide variety of genres and styles to bring the sights and sounds of the Arlington area to our listeners. WERA-LP is Arlington’s only radio station. Broader coverage of DC and Northern Virginia often overshadows the news, events, people, stories, and culture that define one of the most diverse and innovative communities in the country. But WERA-LP and wera.fm will provide an opportunity for all Arlingtonians to raise their voices and share their perspectives – and listen to their friends and neighbors as they produce and deliver their own community radio programs.

Today’s Schedule

  • Practical Security Re-Air A re-air of the original Thursday broadcast of Practical Security: Information and tips to help listeners protect themselves, their homes, communities, and workplaces from security threats, including digital threats in cyberspace. No "geek-speak" allowed. Non-technical listeners will feel right at home.
    LIVE @ 8:00 AM
  • Grace in 30 Re-Air A re-air of the original Wednesday "Grace in 30" broadcast:Show focuses on the power of grace to improve families, communities and workplaces.
    LIVE @ 8:30 AM
  • LIVE @ 9:00 AM
  • GloBeat Re-Air Re-airing of the previous Thursday GloBeat broadcast with host Joseph Gueron!
    LIVE @ 10:00 AM
  • LIVE @ 12:00 PM
  • LIVE @ 1:00 PM
  • The Antidote Re-Air A re-airing of the original Tuesday morning broadcast: Treat your ears with music, the “antidote” to talk-radio. Jazz, world, blues...a little bit of everything to inspire you. Interviews with the finest artists passing through town!
    LIVE @ 3:00 PM
  • Jabberwocky Audio Theater Whether you remember vintage radio programs of yore or have just been introduced to audio theater, join us every week for new tales of science fiction, fantasy, and suspense. Adventure awaits!
    LIVE @ 4:00 PM
  • Hawk Chronicles Weekly episodic sci-fi/crime radio drama produced and syndicated through Cambridge.
    LIVE @ 4:30 PM
  • AOTB in the DMV This is Art on the Blockchain (AOTB) in the DMV on WERA 96.7 starting on September 30! AOTB in the DMV is dedicated to bringing "hyper-local crypto" art and music education and news to WERA's listening audience. Your co-hosts are Cynthia Gayton (@squizzi) and DJ J Scrilla (@scrillaventura) of the popular AOTB podcast which started in 2017. Feel free to give our episodes a listen on Soundcloud.com/artontheblockchain.com
    LIVE @ 5:00 PM
  • All American Classics Two hours weekly of classical symphonic music by Twentieth Century American composers.
    LIVE @ 6:00 PM
  • Beyond Just Talk "Beyond Just Talk with S. L. Young" addresses life/business topics from a solution-oriented perspective, shares human interest stories, connects with high profile guests, and gives various artists (e.g., authors, singers, bands, comedians) exposure opportunities. If you’re seeking positive, inspirational, and thought-provoking talk, then listen to this show. This is a show you don't want to miss! Learn about the host at: www.slyoung.com
    LIVE @ 8:00 PM
  • People's Republic of Blues A Cocktail of Blues and Soul ~ with a Splash of anything else we’re in the mood for ~ and a Twist of Social Consciousness.
    LIVE @ 10:00 PM
  • Folk Alley Folk Alley host Elena See collects the best in traditional and contemporary folk, Americana and roots music from the latest releases, classics, exclusive Folk Alley in-studio and live concert recordings.
    LIVE @ 11:00 PM


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