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Mount Vernon, WA

KSVR is committed to providing local voices and content, with entertainment, news, and information, for the Skagit Valley College Educational District #4, in both English and Spanish. KSVR provides opportunities for students and community volunteers to produce radio programming to reach local populations. It offers about 45% of its programs in Spanish.

Today’s Schedule

  • Pump Up The Volume What the American version of the Peel Sessions and Brave New Waves would hopefully sound like if you did the whole thing live. Hosted by T1M3L0RD aka Kevin, KSVR's in house part time recording engineer, sound designer and spoken word engineer. Fridays 7-8 PM.
    LIVE @ 7:00 PM
  • The Spirit Of Radio Full spectrum music spanning time and genre.
    LIVE @ 8:00 PM


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