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Salida, CO

KHEN is a volunteer-supported community radio station and media platform committed to uniting our community through programming, outreach and education.

Today’s Schedule

  • On The Rails A fun 30 minutes of train talk and more. Forrest and guest talk about riding the rails, history of trains and their love of the iron horse.
    LIVE @ 9:05 AM
  • A Time To Grow A Time To Grow toward a vibrant agricultural future, Guidestone staff members will explore the history of agriculture in the region, bridging the past to a future of local food production, community building, and growing a healthy and resilient community.
    LIVE @ 1:35 PM
  • Pursuing Personal Peace An on-air book club. The Dalai Lama said, “World peace must develop from inner peace.” Each week Margaret and Julia tap into the rich Buddhist literature that points toward personal peace.
    LIVE @ 2:05 PM
  • Behind the Kitchen Door Explore culinary skills and ideas with Chef Don Potts of Shallots Restaurant and KHEN DJ Sandy Farrell.
    LIVE @ 2:35 PM
  • LIVE @ 3:05 PM
  • The Golden Age of Radio HR1 Back in the day, before the internet, iPads, movies and home theater, people used to sit around the living room radio and get swept away with comedy, adventure, and even the current news. This era was the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, when radio was a cheap way of being entertained and quickly grew to become a family tradition.
    LIVE @ 6:05 PM
  • Golden Age of Radio HR2 Hour 2 of old time radio from back in the early days of wireless entertainment. The Golden Age of Radio brings you classic comedy, drama, mystery and more.
    LIVE @ 7:05 PM
  • Mixed Bag with Pete HR 1 A mix of classical, blues, jazz and rock, including fun and comical
    LIVE @ 8:05 PM
  • Mixed Bag with Pete HR 2 A variety of music from Pete's extensive collection
    LIVE @ 9:05 PM


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