Mary Bokuniewicz

Albuquerque, NM

I've been a volunteer DJ at KUNM 89.9 fm in Albuquerque since a really long time ago, when I did my first overnight Freeform with barely a clue, after having attended the Oliver-Stone-teach-yourself-to-be-a-DJ class. Eventually, I learned the ropes well enough to graduate to Afternoon Freeform, where I've been ever since. Currently, I host every other Friday, alternating with Harry Norton. I'm moderately obsessed with music, and I have a very particular sensibility. While that sensibility extends to all genres, I'm only interested in the tracks that strike me as extra good in some way, tracks that I love hearing again and again. That sensibility spills over into my shows of course, where every selection is hand-picked for your extra-good listening pleasure. It’s an eclectic, high energy mix, perfect for a Friday afternoon.