Dj Della Vina

Santa Barbara

Currently in 2016 cohosting "Love Letters from the Submind". Fridays 2-4pm. Public affairs & music. Topics of social justice; Transgender & queer news, interviews; panels, and recordings. With 20 + years as a public radio programmer at KCSB radio I have been presenting engaging music and public affairs content. Starting with Blues and R&B as well as being tutored by Greg Drust of the long time Biues program "Back at the Chicken Shack." Engaging interviews and current affairs topics such as Environmental education and activism with the "Green Steward": back in the 90's; To "Art of Peace Radio" focusing on social responsibility, community activism, and personal relationships as they relate to mindfulness and peace consciousness. And "Your True Gender Radio," dedicated to educating those in the transgender community in order to make the world a more welcoming place for trans* individuals, as well as anyone who has ever felt out of place.