Zac "The Machine" Ordene

DJ at KNSJ Radio 89.1 FM in San Diego

Though he’s not the only all-vinyl DJ in San Diego, Zac Ordene is certainly the most funkiest and souliest - with the most renowned hat collection - and an unwavering appreciation for a range of tunes.To sum it up, Zac Ordene lives and breathes music. If there’s a garage band of angsty teens in Nepal cutting a demo tape using instruments made from cardboard and legos, he’s somehow already heard about it and has a hot take. Heading up a collective of artists dubbed “Fair Trade Soul,” Zac strives to bring his love of vinyl to the ears of San Diego via his new radio show, all while getting you to rhythmically and enthusiastically shake your extremities or bob your head with musical euphoria while hearing the whispers of social justice in the wind. Born in California’s Bay Area, Zac grew up in Santa Cruz and the Central Valley, where he began his musical roots. When most kids were collecting rando accoutrements like pogs and video games, eleven-year-old Zac was exploring studies of percussion, as well as collecting every vinyl record he could get his hands on. You can find Zac DJing all over San Diego such as; Wednesday nights at a DJ residency at the Riviera Supper Club or DJing his all-vinyl sets at such locales as The Vinyl Junkies Record Swap at the Casbah, TikiOasis or filling in for resident DJs at the San Diego City Soul Club. In between DJing, Zac likes black and white photography, going to concerts, and drumming. He’s been able to successfully tour and support two indie vinyl pressings playing drums in punk rock bands and supporting acts like The Locust, Suicide Silence, and Aus-Rotten. His radio show, Fair Trade Soul, airs every Tuesday night from 10pm to 11pm. On Zac's radio show, He shares with you vinyl selections he came across that week while digging, as well as interviews with local musicians promoting live shows or new releases. If you take the time to catch his show, prepare to enjoy phenomenal local music and that sweet, sweet soul. His musical stylings will without-a-doubt soul the funk out of you. (In all good ways, I promise.) Zac’s true vision is to turn Fair Trade Soul into a successful nonprofit, helping to promote amazing new local bands with an eye for making the world a better place.