Western Belle Barb

DJ at KSJD Radio 90.5fm in Mancos, CO

A lover of the west ..the People the lifestyle and the Cowboy way of life. I welcome you to listen to some of the old favorites and new folks who are keeping the Cowboy/Western music alive. Music about the people and times of the West...Cowboy Western, Poetry, Classic Country, and Faith-inspired. Music to make you...Happy...Sad...Homesick... Laugh...and Jump to Your Feet and Dance! CowTrails wants the music to revive memories of all these things for you! Family entertainment is the goal of my show, to entertain you my listeners! CowTrails has been on the airways since 2003, starting with a thirty minute show,which inculded a Ag report.No one was playing this great music on the airways. I remember the Director of the station asking what kind of music I would be spinning on the airways I said cowboy and western. he laughed and asked how much Marty Robbins could I play! So I usually dedicate a Marty song just for him, I know he loves it! CowTrails has been extended to 3 hours with the last hour (Out of the Corral), this hour is set aside each week to highlight requests and new artists. I wanted to share the best music to our community. That was the goal, and then I added House concerts as a part of bringing the live music to my listeners. I am honored by the artists who have been a part of this. Western Belle's House concerts have hosted as many as 16 shows each summer. CowTrails has been honored by many music associations and organizations. Including KSJD's Host DJ of the Year! 2017 I was honored to be awarded by ProCowboy Country Artists Association DJ of The Year What a time I had in Fort Smith Arkansas! The greatest honor is the fact that CowTrails is heard all over the world by Friends and Fans! Your Western Belle Barb