Tom Coulson

DJ at Radio Phoenix Radio in Phoenix, AZ

Tom came to Phoenix at age 7, and after a flirtation with top 40 KRIZ and KRUX, discovered jazz on KXTC. That was the beginning of a jazz and radio addiction that continues to today. He holds jazz responsible for his home life, because he met his wife Genny at Two Lips Café in Phoenix. Both were friends of the band, "New Moon Jazz." A set of drums was inherited from a brother, the bass drum head had a hacksaw on it. A vow was made to keep that name going somehow, practiced to growing record collection. After a little radio school, landed on-air at KXTC for a few years falling in love with the jazz radio format. Experience with other radio formats too, but jazz was always most fun. Sold advertising for own jazz show. Weekend jazz DJ for 10+ years at 100,000 watt non-commercial KJZZ, Phoenix as "The Jazz Mechanic." Learned other management radio jobs off-air at various stations. This started a necktie collection. Success with several bands, beginning with own "Hacksaw's Blues." Drummer with Midnite Blues, Buddy Reed (Bon Jovi fell by one night to sing), Mike Moses (won Arizona competition to play in Memphis), Dean Murphy, and Dave Riley. Drummer on CDs released by all except Reed. In the '90s office, technical and management work at Phoenix's oldest and highest rated radio station, KTAR, staying 10+ years. But no demand for jazz or blues on the air there. Scaled band work down to one monthly coffee house gig by 2007, where members of "Hacksaw's Blues" formed an additional band "Full Moon Jazz" (reunion with former members of "New Moon Jazz"). Many times both bands jammed together so it was decided to combine everything under "Full Moon Hacksaw." This led to a website to offer services of radio and drums, plus archives of current and vintage jazz radio shows. Lost corporate broadcast job due to economy, plus growth in digital as traditional radio shrank. Ironically had already started next jazz radio series (named "Full Moon Hacksaw" after the bands and the website) produced on-line at community station "Radio Phoenix" Soon became Fundraising Contractor for non-profit radio, successful at finding financial supporters in the Phoenix area. The first syndication affiliate for the jazz show on-air was commercial KWCD-FM in Bisbee, southern Arizona. After that came vocational school station KVIT-FM in Phoenix on two frequencies. Meanwhile, rockabilly group "Pat Roberts and the Heymakers" needed a drummer. Since 2011, Hacksaw has been a third of this group, playing about 125 gigs a year. Two CDs have been released, two European tours have supplemented Phoenix work. In mid 2014 an LLC was formed named for a Hacksaw, a couple bands, a website and a radio show: Full Moon Hacksaw LLC. It is an entertainment and media agency, but combines radio and live music services. Also in mid 2014 Radio Phoenix management placed the Full Moon Hacksaw jazz/blues radio series in syndication on two non-commercial networks: PRX the Public Radio Exchange, and Pacifica Network's Audioport. This allows the program to be heard on 10+ affiliates nation-wide, most of them FM stations. The current radio format is: "Records, neckties and drums." The message is the same, only the media is changing. Drumming and broadcasting now support the jazz habit.