Steve Terrell

DJ at KSFR Radio 101.1 FM in Santa Fe, NM

Steve Terrell is a mild-mannered reporter for the Santa Fe New Mexican and a wild-mannered DJ at KSFR. He has done his show at KSFR since the mid '90s. He's a devout follower of the Frank Zappa doctrine: KILL UGLY RADIO! Terrelll's Sound World (10 PM Sundays) is the home of Free-form Weirdo Radio. You're going to hear a lot of hopped-up garage music old and new, wild old R&B, surf, psychedelic, punk, gutter blues, psychobilly, sweaty soul music, screaming gospel ... Sometimes he drifts into world music, jazz from various dimensions, "outsider" music, sometimes even polka ... He plays whatever he's in the mood for. And he gets in some weird moods sometimes. In addition to Sound World, Terrell does a monthly podcast, The Big Enchilada, for the Radio Mutation network. Steve recently dropped his longtime Friday night hillbilly music show, The Santa Fe Opry -- so the Friday night recordings you find in the archives here AREN"T STEVE. Check out the Sunday shows though.