DJ at WESS Radio 90.3 FM in East Stroudsburg, PA

I host and produce two programs, both airing on Saturday mornings. In reverse order of their real-time, live broadcasts, they are: "JAZZ FOR THE COMMON MAN": 3 Hours of the best in Jazz from the venerable veterans to the renovators and innovators of the music, from 0900-noon ET. First hour--assorted artists and styles; Second hour--the Complete Jazz Album set; Third hour--reserved for listener requests: 570.422.3133 or 3134. The program has aired since 1983. *************** I also present "ALTERNATING CURRENTS": an hour of Acoustic, Electronic, New Age, Ambient, World and Space Music, offered since ~1985 from 0800-0900 ET, immediately preceding "JAZZ FOR THE COMMON MAN". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Playlists for both programs are posted at SPINITRON.COM: