DJ at KMUN Radio 91.9 FM,91.9 FM in Astoria, Oregon

Night Boat to Cairo tracks through the progression of Ska; from its rootsy origins through its many rude boy and punk incarnations. Music has been a driving force in Shane's life since as long as he can remember. Raised on Rock and Classic Country, his appreciation for Reggae and Ska started in his early teens. He spent years delving into the history and origins of both artists and styles and has seen hundreds of reggae bands live, most notably Bunny Wailer and Dennis Brown. Shane is also a craftsman that intertwines his hands on ingenuity with technical know-how. As the owner of Land & Wire he provides business telephone systems and networking for the North West Coast community. He's lived in Astoria since 2014 and enjoys time in nature and time in the KMUN studios.