Sarah Spencer: Resident Alien

DJ at CHIRP Radio WCXP Radio 107.1FM in Chicago, Illinois

When Sarah was a little girl, the first crushes she ever had were on David Bowie and a young Michael Jackson, and nothing has really changed ever since. From a tender age, she felt a deep attunement to all kinds of music, from New Wave and Metal, to Hip Hop and Soul; she swears it's all good as long as it comes from the heart. Io hails from the Canadian West Coast, where she once earned a living working a real adult job in applied statistics, which she gave up to move to Chicago and chase a dream of earning a living as a DJ on community radio. We verified that she knew the position was on a volunteer-basis, to which she replied that was neither here nor there. Okay then. Sarah is also passionate about tribal fusion belly dance, stand-up comedy, and labor movement politics, preferably at the same time. Above all, she believes creating space for new artists to emerge within the community, and in coming together as the diverse individuals we are to create real magic, in whatever way that may manifest.