Ruth Ann Angus

DJ at KEBF / KZSR Radio 97.3 and 107.9 in Morro Bay, CA

Ruth Ann is director of Yes We Can Peacebuilders, a peace and nonviolence education and public action organization in Morro Bay, California. Ruth Ann is a writer/journalist/photographer specializing in lifestyle, travel, eco-tourism, nature, agriculture, business, folk music, historical, and peace and nonviolence in national, regional, local and online publications. She is a 16-year member of Rotary International and has been on the Education and Public Outreach Committee of the Morro Bay National Estuary Program for 25 years and served as board member and public relations director of the Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival, sat on the Morro Coast Audubon Society board, and the Morro Bay Art Association board. Ruth Ann works closely with the Morro Bay Police Department on social issues as well as the City Council of Morro Bay. Morro Bay is part of the Nonviolent Cities Project and holds a Peace Proclamation from the Mayor and City Council designating Morro Bay as a Nonviolent City and the month of September as Morro Bay Peace Month with September 21st as Morro Bay International Peace Day.