Ruby a.k.a.

DJ at WFHB Radio 91.3FM, 98.1FM, 100.7FM, 106.3FM in Bloomington Indiana

Ruby found a home in front of the mic at WFHB. Spinning tasty music & sharing the love. Ruby is DJ & Producer of two shows on WFHB. ~~ Radio Posse airs Midnight - 3am, alternating early Monday mornings. Radio Posse is a show dedicated to the Music, News and Views of Resistance, Dissent, Unity & Truth. Radio Posse is a genre-bending, era-blending mix of FTM music & voices. ~~ Native Spirit airs Sunday mornings, 10 till Noon & offers music by Indigenous, AbOriginal, First Nations & Native artists.The best of Indian Country music right here on WFHB. National Native News reports at 11 round out the program.