Richard Fish

DJ at WFHB Radio 91.3FM, 98.1FM, 100.7FM, 106.3FM in Bloomington, Indiana

Richard Fish has worked in audio theatre since 1970, as an actor, writer, producer, director, teacher, engineer, sound-effect artist, broadcaster, publisher and salesman. Richard helped found WFHB, as well as the National Audio Theatre Festivals organization, and has worked with the leading figures in audio theatre from coast to coast, including The Firesign Theatre and the legendary grand master of the art, Norman Corwin. He has hosted The Firehouse Theatre, presenting audio theatre old and new, since the station went on the air in 1993, and has written and produced a radio column on scams and swindles for more than a decade. He is also heard in the Firehouse Follies quarterly live shows, which are available on WFHB's website.

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