Pete Fallico

DJ at KCSM Radio 91.1 in San Francisco Bay Area

I have been programming jazz music on the radio since 1975 in both the Monterey Bay Area and the San Francisco Bay Area. My most recent efforts have been with radio station, KCSM – ‘The Bay Area’s Jazz Station’ where I am currently one of our 'Jazz Oasis’ programmers. My other radio personality is as the host and Master of Ceremonies of my radio fantasy called the ‘Doodlin’ Lounge’. Here, I focus on an artist or band, incorporating recorded interviews with their music. I produce my 'Doodlin’ Lounge' from my home studio and upload the series on I display my podcasts, photos and associated videos on my web site: Feel free to write to me for more information: Under the moniker, ‘Doodlin’ Productions’, I produce music events, emcee festivals and provide help with various levels of stage management. As a separate venture, I do professional Voice-over and Narration and have been represented by Tonry Talent in San Francisco since 1985. I have worked with numerous companies in Silicon Valley as well as commercial outlets - locally, regionally and nationally. ‘Doodlin’ Records’ is my newest component. This is a record label that I started in 2006 that has allowed me to focus my attention on jazz organ combos and related music. New recording sessions as well as re-issues and compilations are continually being considered. You can email me for more information: In 2004, I began a nonprofit organization to raise the awareness of Jazz Organ music worldwide. The Jazz Organ Fellowship is a 501c3 organization that I am very proud of and will continue to nourish and support. Visit us please: .