Maryanne McNellis

DJ at KPTZ Radio 91.9

Have you ever wondered about the people you see around town? What’s the story behind the  chef at the hospital who’s made it into a lunch destination? What about the crusty farmer who opted out of traditional dairy farming and now does nothing but grass-fed beef? And who’s the blonde who owns most of the restaurants in town? “Our Town” profiles some of the fascinating people who live and work in Jefferson County. We talk about their lives, their dreams and how they ended up on the Western edge of the continent able to look across the Strait of Juan de Fuca right at Vancouver Island, Canada. We talk with firefighters and foodies; bus drivers and teenage beauty queens; the lawyers and the ladies who lunch. We find out what makes them tick and what they think about living in the Pacific Northwest amid the deer, the otters and the soaring eagles. Host Maryanne McNellis is an award-winning journalist who has worked at a number of publications in both Canada and the USA. She was editor of The Financial Post, Canada’s Wall Street Journal. She was an executive at the Los Angeles Times and also worked for the New York Daily News. She was a Foreign Correspondent, covering Asia for Business Week Magazine. In her academic career she was the Pollner Distinguished Professor of Journalism at the University. She also taught at both the University of Southern California and Canada’s Thompson Rivers University.