Kyle O'Rourke

DJ at WESS Radio 90.3 FM in East Stroudsburg University

Kyle O’Rourke, or DJ Sealing, is a freshman, a Digital Media Technologies major, and is very passionate about video production. He’s a memester who feels the need to make puns, and is the only person who, instead of showing the picture of a meme, will act it out and create a voice to it. In addition to his trashy vocal transitions to play music, is his equally trashy taste in screamo music and his emo appearance. He has a show called “the Doghouse” with, the blue-haired turd, Becca Mullen, or DJ Ruuff, on Thursdays at 8pm. “The Doghouse” is “the show that needs no intro” hosted by DJ Ruuff and DJ Sealing. This is the show where the banter is funny and the music taste is diverse. Sealing is into heavy metal where Ruuff is into literally every genre of music. Sealing usually is throwing Ruuff under the bus, and Ruuff is making Sealing’s self-esteem drop harder than he was as a small child. Come checkout “the Doghouse” on Thursdays at 8pm.