Jayn Pettingill

DJ at KCSM Radio 91.1 in San Francisco Bay Area

I’m a Bay Area native, with family going back about four generations in San Francisco. I grew up in Santa Barbara, California in the 1970s. My father, being a commercial diver, brought us south to join the burgeoning underwater construction community there. The Pacific Ocean has been my constant companion, a confidant and muse for many of the chapters in my life. Music has been the other. My main instrument is the alto sax, which when words can not express, I find them on my horn. I am grateful to have studied with Victor Morosco, Frank Morgan and Anthony Braxton, probably three of the most disparate voices on the instrument with one common refrain among them: study who came before you, have respect for the music and its makers, find your voice. I also work in radio. At KCSM 91.1FM to be precise. Programming Jazz twice a week. This is in large part due to the late Bob Parlocha, a true Master of Ceremonies, Good Taste and All Things Jazz, if there ever was one. He invited me in to his world of radio, and I never left. I am forever grateful for his belief in me, his guidance and for getting to watch him work, or “play records” as he used to put it.