Hugh Carson

DJ at KVNF Radio 90.9/89.1- FM in Crawford, CO

he Hurricane continues to pursue a 45-year career in disaster response and training, with emphasis on aviation. An earlier stay in Crawford ‘75’-’79 brought back good memories in 2004 when he came down from Boise on the Saddle Mtn fire, and less than 2 months later he and Maggie had taken up residence at Rancho Paradiso outside Crawford. A KVNF DJ since 2006, he claims that for him the act of creating playlists and “stringin’ it all together like a beautiful aural tapestry” is as important as the actual playing. “Out of all the stuff I’ve done and things I’ve seen -- firefighter, writer, husband, father --being a DJ at KVNF occupies a spot right up there at the top. The people are special, the listeners are special, the music is so especially special . . . hell, the whole damned thing’s one big special." Other than KVNF and wildfires and floods, he’s retired.