Hieronymous Superfly

DJ at KNON Radio 89.3 FM in Dallas TX

I am Hieronymous Superfly, Mixmaster of the Invisible College of Esoteric Disc Jockeys and host of Mansion of Madness, Friday nights starting at midnight-4 a.m. CST on KNON 89.3 FM (in North Texas) or streaming at KNON.org in Dallas, TX. Very eclectic & experimental music featuring folk horror, experimental, hauntology, Dada, theme shows, psych, England's Hidden Reverse, exotica, 78 RPM oddities, fake & genuine ethnomusicology, field recordings, original radio plays (performed live by the Mercury-in-Retrograde Theater of the Air), lost New Wave, punk, DIY, noise, magick, rants, pataphysical, and immersive.