Greg G

DJ at KXCI Radio 91.3 FM in Tucson, AZ

You needn't be an expert or have a particular ear to enjoy a new genre. Just like beer, wine or coffee, music too can be an acquired taste. Challenge those tastes. Explore. Sometimes music burns. Sometimes, it's creamy and dreamy. Other times, it induces synesthesia and you can't find your own tongue. You won't always like a song, but you can always find another song to enjoy as you progress in your personal music experience. They call me Greg. I work primarily as an editor while I write and DJ on the side. A Tucson native, I enjoy downhill skateboarding through the Old Pueblo's avenidas and parking garages. From the age of 13, I became enamored with taking the Sun Tran to Speedway and Kolb, skating through the University of Arizona, and wheeling my way to the edge of downtown, where I can watch the I-10 traffic fly by.