DJ at WNMC Radio 90.7fm in Traverse City

Became addicted to old jazz after seeing Louis Armstrong in person when I was ten. Used to collect 78rpm records, until the material became available, first on LP, and eventually on CD. Started to do some Jazz From the Tradition broadcasts, jointly with Dave Walker, in 2003, and took over the show upon his death six years ago. I concentrate on the first few decades of recorded jazz, starting, obviously, in 1917, and tapering off after about 1950. However, for those artists who flourished during that period, and happened to live longer, I do play recordings from as long as they lasted. I tend to, mostly, play the lesser known recordings of even famous musicians. Partly in attempt to educate the listener, and also, because anyone interested in older jazz probably has the "greatest hits' recordings anyway. While, undoubtedly, there is some aura of nostalgia to the program, in my case it is preference, sine the vast majority of the recordings I play were made before I was born. Listen!