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Reverb Rendezvous (Reverb Radio) Surf n drag, spy and space tunes, creepy, crawly, fast strumming, loud, and straight from cold, dark crypt.  This show highlights the placement of the reverb dial to 10 plus on the amp.  From the lightning fast strumming of the King of Surf Guitar, Dick Dale, to the mastery of the dripping reverb sound of Oleg Guitarkin (Messer Chups), the Reverb Rendezvous takes a journey globally featuring this unique, primarily instrumental genre of music that started in the early 1960’s and continues through a third wave that is popular today all over the world.  Join Kid Rid every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month from 2-4pm for the best reverb this side of Venus.  Mind the Reverb!

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