DJ at WNMC Radio 90.7fm in Traverse City, MI

Eric has been Station Manager at WNMC since 2000. Prior to that he had worked as a reporter, a Managing Editor at two science-related trade magazines, a music writer and had taught writing, 18th-Century Literature and Satire at Rutgers University in New Jersey. While working at Food Quality magazine, Eric was credited with the discovery of Stringburger, a string cheese/limburger hybrid. He gained his release upon agreeing to conduct no further experiments with food. Eric stores an enormous, unfinished dissertation on early newspapers and periodicals and their role in urban development in his garage. Eric is interested in jazz, old American music, history, crossword puzzles, evolutionary biology, urban development, media theory, genre novels (mysteries, fantasy, etc.) that can teach me a lot about something (e.g. Umberto Eco), African music, Pre-Castro Cuban music, political theory and philosophy, Wassily Kandinsky, Jurgen Habermas, eating good food, making good food (so long as there is not too much effort involved), soccer, beer and other carnal pleasures that don't bear mentioning in this context.