Donna Howell

DJ at KSFR Radio 101.1 FM in Santa Fe NM

Gottadance features dance music from cha-cha to contra, two-step to tango, waltz to waila and hosts occasional interviews with musicians and performance dancers. email - After a career as a college biology professor (Princeton, Harvard, Purdue, SMU) and conservation biologist, Donna returned to her home in a small village in northern New Mexico to restore an 1825 adobe. She has also been a whitewater and horsepack guide and has managed a ranch. She has taught social dancing and historic dances for 20 years and currently teaches at the Chavez Community Center. After being a guest twice on Gottadance talking about dance history, she joined the KSFR family. Being involved in public radio had been in the back of her mind for years. Her involvement with music today is trying to provide good rhythmic tunes with thoughtful songwriting to the listeners of GottaDance, but she dabbled at guitar, dobro and piano and sang with local bands in college before realizing she made a better audience member. Her musical tastes are eclectic from 17th century English Country Dance music through swing, R+B and alt-country. KSFR has been a rewarding ‘job’ for her in many ways: being part of a supportive and mentoring KSFR family, being able to promote local musicians, constant learning about music and about the aspects of show production, and being ‘on her own’ to sink or swim in the control room at night. What she does in her spare time??? Spare time and KSFR DJ in the same sentence is a bit of an oxymoron….especially while living a rural life, but when she can she hikes, reads, cooks, helps out on round-ups.