DJ Swanky

DJ at WDNA Radio 88.9 FM in Miami, FL

Leah, AKA DJ Swanky, is the host of The Sunday Time Warp, where she plays a unique pan-stylistic blend of jazz, electronic, jazzy electronic, hip-hop, rock, funk and everything in between. Born and raised in Miami, Leah has an extensive musical background. She graduated from the magnet orchestra program at Coral Reef Senior High, where she studied classical violin. She got her start as a radio DJ in 2004 at WTUL 91.5 FM in New Orleans. After moving back home to Miami, she continued to host a variety of programs at WVUM 90.5 FM as an undergraduate at the University of Miami from 2006-2009, and later as a law student from 2011-2014. She began volunteering for WDNA in 2014, helping with pledge drives and serving as occasional guest host of The Sunday Time Warp with Mark Hayes. By day, Leah is an attorney who helps shape public policy for local government.