DJ Socialism

DJ at KAOS Radio 89.3 FM in Olympia, Washington

I am interested in good music, good food, and a wonderful world. As things stand today, there are places and times where all three of those exist, however, in a much greater sense all three of those are doing pretty poorly under our current system of social organization - hell on earth. And people and places have been long suffering, and that's not okay. I'm interested in something better, something that sounds a bit more like Stevie Wonder in 1975, something that tastes a bit closer to heaven, something that provides the essential things and characteristics that all people everywhere need to survive and thrive. I would be honored if you wanted to join me for a bit to listen to a some tunes together, but it's no big deal either way, I'm just glad you're here. And until we see each other next - all my best.