DJ at KNSJ Radio 89.1 FM in San Diego, CA

P3RC3PTION grew up with a large variety of music in his life ranging from the 50’s to present. Always was intrigued by music and the state it puts you in. Music has a strong connection to our souls and through music we live our greatest memories. Began his music career as a young boy in high school. The one who always had the best music and people always asked for a cd. Later in life some colleagues were involved in the music industry and watched them grow, he also was involved with their career. From recording vocals, editing, mixing, and mastering tracks alongside them began to further his passion for music. 10 plus year working with music, launched his Dj career in 2012 and has since been rocking parties ranging from corporate events, schools, concerts, to night clubs and more. Traveled and rocked in Mexico, California, Arizona, Nevada, Cancun. In the short amount of time in his career, have landed: high profile events, PPV, city contracts, pro football league, radio spots, sponsorships, and residencies. Just recently signed to KNSJ 89.1FM radio station.