DJ Huge Problem

DJ at KSFR Radio 101.1 FM in Santa Fe, NM

Oh hey guys, I'm one of the hosts and the primary selector for Lullabies for Cthulhu on KSFR 101.1FM in Santa Fe, NM. My co-host is DJ Nezumi, and we are on KSFR every Wednesday at midnight, until 2AM Thursday morning. That's right, our show spans two days! Wow! Cool! You should listen to us as we play the smartest and strongest music. To be totally honest, it's modern pop music of all kinds from Asia, primarily Japan. We focus on netlabel music and prefer electronic tunes with a good beat. We also make jokes and goof off on the air. Quality MP3s and playlists/show notes can be found at our blog, 'Oh, Hey Guys,' on the right over there. We hope you enjoy our awesome show. We work really hard on it.