Craig Reptile

DJ at CHIRP Radio WCXP Radio 107.1FM in Chicago

Craig Reptile is a DJ, CHIRP volunteer and Assistant Music Director. He previously worked in radio at KVOE AM and Fox 105 in Emporia, Kansas, and served as a DJ, music director and general manager for WVKC in Knox College, which at one point was voted one of the top ten coolest college radio stations or something like that. He is a Senior Staff Writer for Pop'stache and writes freelance for Newcity, in addition to contributing occasionally to the CHIRP blog. Craig has been working in various capacities within the hotel and meetings industry for almost twenty years, so has a plethora of opportunities to utilize his degree in English writing. He also fancies himself an armchair herpetologist, with a day gecko and veiled chameleon in his current terraria.