Chris Ossig

DJ at KPOV Radio 88.9 in Bend, Or

The Chris & Amber Podcast has been in development for over two years. As Amber has always been interested in helping people out with her fitness inspirations, so Chris had an idea for her to do a “Better Fitness” podcast show. The “Better Fitness” was a show for Amber to tell her story about her battels with weight loss. Plus, dealing with being a single mother of three. We have all learned. Everyone has a story. So, After Amber did the show, she did realize that she has some amazing compliments for telling her story and that people said she was an inspiration for them. Amber has never been in “on air”, much less thought about talking to people on a podcast. Amber got better with time of course. As she did get better, Chris thought about both of them doing a podcast together as a couple. Chris came up with an idea to do a show together and make it an entertainment show for friends to listen to. Both Chris & Amber are witty and different than most couples. Chris & Amber have been a couple for more than 4 years. So, Chris or as Amber would say, “CHRISTOPHER”, is always getting on Ambers nerves. The Chris & Amber Podcast show is a weekly podcast that Chris & Amber are producing together. On August 7, 2014 the first show was “on air”. The show is a “LIVE” recording with no editing. Chris wants to keep it real. Not everything needs to be “perfect” he does know things can and will happen during a live show. When it does. Might as well be honest about it. The show was built with talking between them both along with music in-between segments. Amber will also be talking about fitness in one of her segments and her favorite, relationships. Chris also does his own segment with “news & tidbits, where he talks about current events long with this day in music history. Also in the segment “back to back” rock where he plays two artist song together and has some trivia or quick stories about the songs. New shows every Thursday at 6am on local Bend radio 88.9 KPOV or live streaming on