Chris Bricker

DJ at KPTZ Radio 91.9 in Port Townsend, Washington

CHRIS BRICKER—KPTZ’s “Morning on the Salish” An actor and performer for many years, Chris graduated from California State University, San Jose, with a B.A. in Theater Arts.  After travels around Europe for a year, he did a stint at KTAO FM radio in Los Gatos, California, as a show host.  He is a graduate of the Ringling College of Clowns, Class of 1971, and worked with Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey Circus for three years.  Later, he traveled throughout Japan, Hawaii, the Virgin Islands and the continental U.S. performing in other circuses, as well. Chris and both his young sons, Christopher & Noah, teamed with their Dad for domestic engagements with various circus producers.  As shipboard performers, he and his son Noah also traveled to Finland, Estonia and Sweden.  Chris is a member of Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Radio & Television Artists (SAG-AFTRA), and has worked in film, television and commercials. He is also a saw-playing member of the American Federation of Musicians Local 1000 (acoustic travelling musicians union).  His work experience over the years has included union representation and organizing. He began his Labor Movement career representing hotel and restaurant workers, and later he was a field organizer for California state workers.  Chris moved to Port Townsend, along with wife, Keri Ann, in 2014.