DJ at KCSB Radio 91.9 FM in Santa Barbara

Musica que te hace bailar poquito y pensar mucho <3 Para las mujeres~ abuelitas, madres, hijas, nietas, hermanas, tias, indigenx, latinx, xingonas, cabronas, locas, revolucionarias, trabajadoras.~ni de aqui, ni de alla~ Radio Xicana is a local radio show broadcasting on KCSB-FM that serves as a political platform for womxn of color to amplify their voices by sharing experiences that are traditionally excluded from mainstream media. The radio program essentially embodies our learned and lived experiences as products of two cultures and, therefore, uses music in EspaƱol and English to highlight historical and contemporary social injustices. We seek to disseminate herstories through music that speaks out against homophobia, racism, sexism, and multiple oppressive isms that exist today.