Camp Lovewave

DJ at KSFR Radio 101.1 FM in Santa Fe, NM

The "Camp" was begun about 14 years ago and offers a new vision, "Radio Vision," for the medium of radio where our listeners, we call "Campers" sit around the virtual campfire as we talk politics, share personally and interview people of passion. Camp Lovewave offers an altered and alternative view of truth, justice and the American 'lost' way and is designed to invite you to open up new neural pathways, breathe deeply, activate your right brain and your spinal column, and experience a sense of timelessness with a bit of laughter along the way. Terran has a counseling business using the tool of Astrology for the past 42 years and Bari is a potter creating Asian-looking ceramic bowls. We raised four children in Santa Fe and have two granddaughters in Taos, Margot and Grace, who have often been heard on our show. One of the most rewarding aspects of producing our show is that we get to do it spontaneously alive and 'live' and with great freedom to share, in our own unique way, with a responsive Camper listening audience.