Brian Kaelin

DJ at WESS Radio 90.3 FM in East Stroudsburg

My name is Brian Kaelin. My show is called "Whatever I Want", live on Saturday nights from 7 - 10 pm. I am 47 years old & a 2nd semester freshmen @ ESU. I joined WESS in the Spring 2018 semester. I am currently an undeclared student taking DMET (Digital Media Technology) & Communications courses. I worked at Sam Goody, Tower Records, Blockbuster Video & used to listen to WLIR when all of the fore mentioned businesses still existed. I have many friends that work / have worked in the music industry (including an owner of a record label), which all helped me find & enjoy many different genres of music. My show consists of music I have heard over the past 4 & 1/2 + decades. I will be playing Alternative, Blues, Classical, Dance, Jazz, Pop, Rock & World, as well as Soundtracks, Hidden Tracks & Bonus tracks, Covers & Mixes, as well as making up little categories such as "Sounds Like" as we go. I will be trying to share all I've picked over these years, as well as any new stuff that I add to my collection from various DJs, movies, TV shows, of course Radio stations & friends over my time here. All requests are welcome, especially if it's something I don't know or haven't covered yet.