Bob Kissel

DJ at WFHB Radio 91.3FM, 98.1FM, 100.7FM, 106.3FM in Bloomington, IN

Have been involved in the "blues industry" since 1974 with the Midwest Blues Festival at the U of Notre Dame as director through 1979. Have hosted blues shows in South Bend, IN (WSND), Warrenton, NC (WVSP) and since 1993 on WFHB's Blue Monday program (9-11pm EST). Also have promoted blues shows, written liner notes for a number of blues records, and have written articles on blues shows, artists and records for several national ("Living Blues") and local publications. Recently joined the WFHB news department to produce environmental and conservation features for the weekly Eco-Report (Thursday 11:30am-12pm EST). Have been stage announcer & manager for the Bloomington Boogies piano festival since 2015, held each August.