JM Cruiz AKA Wes Ervine

Puyallup, WA

JM Cruiz, is a songwriter, multi instrumentalist and producer from Puyallup, WA. His fusing of Rock with Jazz has produced some very eclectic sounds & 18 Jazz/Rock/Blues/Acoustic Cd’s to his credit.

JM Cruiz AKA Wes Ervine's tracks

  • Trade Winds Lost In Paradise

    Wes Ervine AKA JM Cruiz

  • JM Cruiz-Take Me Back Jazzy World

    JM Cruiz AKA Wes Ervine

  • JM Cruiz- Kickn Back

  • JM Cruiz- Fantasy

  • JM Cruiz-Riviera Summer Breeze

  • JM Cruiz- These Blues I'm Feelin'

  • JM Cruiz- Blue G

  • JM Cruiz- A Tear For Mankind