Station Manager FAQs

How do I remove DJs / Artists from my favorites or add any people I would like to acknowledge?

To add or remove a DJ or Artist / Producer from your favorites, go to that DJ’s profile click the favorite (heart) icon in the upper right corner of the page. Click once to add; clicking a second time will remove the user from your favorites.

Does the RFA schedule tool provide for one off or once a month shows?

RFA does offer support for one-off shows. At this point, monthly shows must be entered manually by a station manager. The scheduling tool also supports bi-weekly shows.

Does RFA host station streams?

RFA does not host stations’ original streams. Rather, RFA transmits and archives existing streams. RFA does host two weeks of archived content for each stream. Stations can use the transmitted stream to reduce bandwidth demands on their own servers.

How is RFA integrated with Spinitron?

RFA will generate playback data (the number of listeners consuming a station’s stream or archives through RFA at any given time). From this, Spinitron will generate playlist reports for SoundExchange. In the near future, RFA and Spinitron intend to share data such as program schedules to further reduce data entry burden for stations.

How does RFA deal with ATH (Aggregated Tuning Hours) reporting?

At present, RFA can process log data from its streaming servers on a daily basis. This information can be provided to a station as a report for a given two week period as needed. In the near future, RFA and Spinitron intend to refine and combine ATH and playlist reporting to provide an ATP (Actual Total Performance) report.

Note: SX ( Sound Exchange) requires ATH reporting information on two 7 day blocks within each calendar quarter – as a sample. In the early stage, the additional ATH generated through RFA should not affect our station affiliate ATH to the point where it will impact their obligation. For more information visit:

How is the RFA banner embedded on station websites?

The banner is embedded with a line of Javascript code that RFA provides the station. The station inserts the javascript into the appropriate spot in their site's CMS and the banner appears.

Some programs appear to be missing from my schedule and archive. How do I add shows?

If you notice that some programs are missing from your initial weekly schedule, you can add them by using the scheduler interface.

How can I feature my DJs on the RFA homepage?

Clicking the star icon beneath a DJ's avatar on your station profile will add the DJ to the homepage rotation and other featured content areas across the site.

How can I add multiple DJs to a given show?

Each DJ should have his or her own profile; once a DJ has been invited, they can be configured as a host on any show.

The player, chat or schedule interface is not working properly in my browser. How can I remedy this?

RFA is designed to work on modern browser versions. You can update to the most recent version of your browser to improve your experience of the site.

Why isn't my station's stream playing on RFA?

The most common cause of streaming disruptions is a connection error between RFA's recording system and the streaming server. Our system will attempt to reconnect to your stream every 15 minutes. If your stream is offline for an extended period of time, please contact us for more information.

How can I delete an archived show on my profile?

Please contact RFA directly if you need an archive segment to be removed from your profile.

One of my DJs did not receive an invitation email. How can I send a new signup message?

Occasionally invitation emails are marked as spam by email software. Ask your DJ to look for the message in their spam folder.

My station has several streams. Is there a way to include all of these on my profile?

At present it is only possible to include a single stream on each station profile.

Can RFA display playlist history for my archived shows?

Unfortunately we are unable to include playlist data in our archive due to DMCA restrictions.

I would like to be able to navigate through a longer archive to find a specific interview or song. Why is this functionality not available in the RFA player?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a scrubber to skip through archived content, as this would violate DMCA regulations.

When attempting to add a DJ to my station, I received an error message indicating that the DJ’s email address is already in use on RFA. How can I remove a DJ’s old account?

It is only possible for a user to link a single account to each email address. The user must change the address on their existing account, or you can invite them using a different email address.

Is there a way for us to designate a show as a “rebroadcast” so that RFA doesn’t record duplicate audio?

You can mark shows as Syndicated in the scheduling interface to exclude them from your archive.

Is there a mechanism for updating archived shows after they have been broadcasted?

At present it is only possible to edit future instances of programs; to edit a recurring program, you will need to modify the next upcoming instance of the show.


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