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Rhinelander, WI

Independent Community Radio, serving North Central Wisconsin with 100,000 watts at 91.7 FM. Also heard on Lake Superior's South Shore at 100.9 FM Ironwood / Hurley, and in Central Wisconsin at 91.9 FM, WXPW, Wausau. The best of NPR with the local news, features, events, and music you love...all from people you know. WXPR. LOCAL. Public. Radio.

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  • Crossroads Cafe At the "crossroads" of popular music! Folk and Americana, Jazz, Blues, Rock and Pop, and World music selections, blended with a positive vibe. Artists and songs from many decades, including contemporary music. Engaging! Listen to songs you know, and discover songs that you don't hear anywhere else on the radio.
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  • LIVE @ 6:00 PM


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