KRFF-LP 95.9

Fargo, ND

Radio Free Fargo is a non-profit community radio station located in the Fargo-Moorhead area

Today’s Schedule

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    The Rack 10:00:00
  • The Sunday Morning Jump A Brand New Radio Show --- we will play the great music from the Big Band Era, Blues, and Jazz. Heavy on the Swing & Jump. More music to go with your Sunday morning Coffee & Biscuits. Tune in and take the morning easy. Cheers!
    LIVE @ 8:00 AM
  • Freak Out Radio Show with a focus on playing full vinyl albums and full albums in general.We play music of all genres from 50s-new music. Alot of psychadelic,fusion, stoner, and grunge rock but anything is fair game. We aim towards more obscure songs vs known songs on regular radio.
    LIVE @ 1:00 PM
  • The Russian Predicament Playing mostly East Asian music: JPOP, KPOP and more. Old shows here: Stuff that may/may not make the show:
    LIVE @ 3:00 PM
  • Weekend Deja Vu Show focuses on mainly 60's and 70's tunes while staying away from singles and hits.
    LIVE @ 7:00 PM
  • LIVE @ 9:00 PM
  • LIVE @ 11:00 PM


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