KOPN 89.5 FM

Columbia, Missouri

The New Wave Corporation was incorporated, February 18, 1972, for the purpose of providing an educational, non-commercial communication service for and by citizens of our area that would stimulate the listeners’ awareness of our community and world, and promote a better understanding of our neighbors—next door and across the oceans. To accomplish this purpose the New Wave Corporation started KOPN in March 1973. Our mission is to educate and enrich the lives of our membership and the communities that we serve, especially those otherwise under-represented in the commercial or other non-profit media sectors. We do this by remaining free from direct constraints of commercial, political, or religious interests; by encouraging participation by all segments of the community; by training individuals in radio production and giving access to our facilities and airwaves for the local production of quality radio programs; by providing a diversity of viewpoints and musical genres through programs that enhance the quality of life of our membership and the community at large; by providing a neutral forum for the discussion of issues important to our membership and the community at large; by fostering democracy and social justice; and by archiving selected recorded materials acquired or produced by KOPN. We continue to recruit and train volunteers to assist with established out-reach projects and programs, so as to enhance our existing outreach programs. We continue to train, in production and broadcast techniques, community members wanting to share their interests with our audience. We continue in our effort to build a large pool of able, advocate volunteers capable of communicating the purpose, mission and programs of KOPN to new audience. Success will be measured by the acquisition of new additional volunteer activity resulting in increased presence out in the community; increased local program production and distribution; increased listener based; and increased donor support. We are continuing to expand our self-educational collaborative service efforts to more of our broadcast coverage area, by developing more out-of-studio presence in the smaller communities outside of Columbia. We are recruiting from our donor base, community contacts through whom we can create more information booth presence at public events; We are conducting more live remotes from these areas. And we are cultivating more producers and seeking stories and collaborations in our greater broadcast area. We continue to develop our online presence through our website, our stream, our podcasts, and through social media.

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