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KEKAHU FOUNDATON / KKCR MISSION STATEMENT KKCR is Kaua`i's independent, non-commercial, listener-supported community radio station. KKCR seeks to: • Stimulate, educate and entertain our audience • Preserve, perpetuate and celebrate Hawaiian culture • Reflect the diversity of the local and world community KKCR provides a forum for overlooked, suppressed, or under-represented voices and music. The Kekahu Foundation facilitates this broadcasting opportunity.

Today’s Schedule

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    Kanikapila 09:00:00
  • Democracy Now 11:00:00
  • HI to PI The show is mixed format. We will play Filipino English songs. There is a the talk show, "Talk about Filipino Segment", that features random topics related to Philippines. Also, we have the "Gimme some tagalog", a segment that teaches atleast two tagalog words every show. 6. The show has three main objectives: first to promote diversity of culture; second, to encourage Filipinos of Kauai to be more active in the community; third, to share to the world the interesting things about Philippines. In future, we'll look forward to a special segment that will feature travel tips in the Philippines. This will include tourist spots, safety information and estimated expenses for food, transporation, accomodation and etc. I think this is important 'cause, for me, Philippines and Hawaii are just the same. They both have different places that are included in seven wonders of the world. Except that PI is more bigger and cheaper than HI.
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