Ron Pelletier

DJ at KCSM Radio 91.1 in San Mateo, CA.

Broadcaster, Musician, Photographer, Ron Pelletier is Host/Producer of KCSM's Jazz Oasis on Saturdays from 6 to 9 pm. Also Producer/Host of Jazz from Gallery 41, covering the entire Jazz spectrum where you can experience the wisdom and tradition of the masters of the past century alongside the magic and mystery of the musical wizards of today who are taking the music to new and exciting places. Occasional in-studio guests, as well as interviews from the Jazz from Gallery 41 archives recorded over the past 3 plus decades. Jazz from Gallery 41 is streaming 24/7, including live shows, occasional in-studios guests, interviews and live performances all coming from my studios nestled in the Berkeley Hills overlooking the San Francisco Bay. Here's the link:

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