Riley Manion

DJ at WFHB Radio 91.3FM, 98.1FM, 100.7FM, 106.3FM in Bloomington, IN

I currently co-host Midnight Snack with Dylan Grigar every other Monday night. I've been in and out of the station since the Radio Ridge days but got more directly involved in high school with Youth Radio, moving onto a late night mix in my twenties. After a five-year hiatus, I'm back in my old 11pm-1am time slot! Midnight Snack covers all sorts of genres: world (african, south-asian, middle-eastern), soul, post-punk, folk, reggae, electronic, old school hip-hop, new indie, garage, solo guitar, metal, shoegaze, and many others. We try to feature a couple new releases and coming-to-town bands each show & do our best to not play the same song twice! Check out our playlists on the Spinitron links.